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We,  Saravana Ayurveda Clinic, are one of the most renowned and reliable ayurvedic clinics in Coimbatore. We are engaged in providing excellent treatments for various ailments by way of ayurvedic methods. We offer a variety of treatments to the patients. These include ayurveda, siddha, unani, homeopathy and acupuncture and nature. All of our treatments are provided by a team of experienced and qualified professionals. We make sure that our patients feel rejuvenated after the treatment and the ailments are cured to the core. Curing the disease of a sick person and protecting the health of a healthy person are our prime aims behind offering our ayurvedic treatments. Our services are directed towards helping a person get rid of any type of discomfort. We use the most fresh herbs and authentic medicines in our treatments. They are prepared using completely herbal raw material which includes leaves of various types. Our ayurvedic services are rendered by expert hands that have cured numerous diseases in the past.


Ayurveda is the oldest yet most reliable technique of health care in the world. It is widely seen as the proven healing system for curing numerous ailments, without any side-effects. Our ayurvedic services involve therapeutic and health care treatment for curing numerous ailments. Our team performs a thorough analysis of the individual body composition and the problems faced, before prescribing drugs and offering treatments. We use completely herbal raw material including extracts of herbs, plants and seeds, to offer a genuine and effective medicine to the customers. With the aid of our ayurvedic treatments, we heal the individual completely.


Being an excellent way of curing numerous diseases, homeopathy, offers an easy method of getting rid of any ailment. We offer our expert homeopathy treatments that are hundred percent authentic. We use the most effective medicines for our homeopathic medical treatments. These homeopathy medicines are made of quality raw material, procured from the most reliable sources. We treat various ailments with homeopathy that includes acne vulgaris, psoriasis, vitiligo, urticaria, atopic dermatitis and contact dermatitis. Besides, we also treat cold, fever, cough, obesity, asthma, kidney disorder, low immunity, low memory, skin diseases and heart diseases.


Siddha, an excellent science of the ancient times, capable of curing the most serious diseases, is perfect to rejuvenate oneself and gain high levels of energy. With the help of our Siddha medicine, we cure many chronic diseases that are considered incurable in western medical science. The medicines we offer are made from a variety of herbs and minerals and therefore are hundred percent natural. Some of our Siddha medical treatment is effective enough to arrest aging altogether. Our Siddha physicians provide effective treatments and medicines, thereby ensuring an absolute cure and a rejuvenated self.


Unani, is a medical science that originated in Greece or Unan. The best part of Unani medicines is that they are gentle and safe. We use the best quality herbs and seeds for preparing these medicines. These Unani treatments are hundred percent natural with no side-effects. Our team of professionals provides excellent Unani treatment and effectively cures various ailments. A proper analysis of the body, the ailment and problems faced by the individual is done by our team. Based on this analysis the most appropriate Unani medical treatment is offered to the patient.

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